Strong Position Jokowi more
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Zulkifli Hasan says it is not easy to memakzulkan president. "If Impeachment, he (the President) shall have the offense that violates the constitution," said Zulkifli when met at his office on Thursday, October 9, 2014.

This statement served Zulkifli use evasive issue of Impeachment against Joko Widodo or Jokowi after being appointed president on 20 October. To memakzulkan president, said Zulkifli, legislators should ask usulannya to MPR. After that, things Impeachment brought to the Constitutional Court for a recommendation.

Calculation of count-Zulkifli, legislators will not be able to ask for Impeachment Jokowi to MPR. The question is, the number of House members who joined in supporting the Coalition Red White Prabowo, is not enough to ask Impeachment. "The figures appear to be three-fourths, or 75 percent. Well, here is only 62 percent," he said.

Moreover, he said, the PPP has arrived at the fort Jokowi. As a result, the amount of 62 percent will decrease. "It might turn up the figures," he said.


Rebecca Dakin: So Successful Consultant After Marriage Fuck Men 1000

Who would have thought if the marriage counselor who has published a book called The Girlfriend Experience is a former comfort women?
Rebecca Dakin, 37-year-old woman working as a prostitute for 9 years until finally he stopped and began his career as a Relationship and Sex & Intimacy Expert about 3 years ago.Rebecca admitted for 9 years working as a prostitute, she has slept with nearly 1,000 men. Rebecca began working as a prostitute when she was 25 years old.
Failed to complete the course, desperate to work with a small fee, and Rebecca also think that selling yourself is the only way he could have taken to get a lot of money in a short time. Rebecca was told everything to his parents.
In fact, his parents drove Rebecca when she will meet her first client."I say what I want to do my parents.
They were disappointed and give up on me, but they could not do anything because they think I've grown up, "Rebecca said in a media.Of the many experiences to sleep with men, Rebecca admitted that he likes most clients is a 70-year-old man.
"He was a London businessman who can spend thousands of pounds to buy jewelry and clothes for me.
Actually me and him rarely have sex, he just needs a friend because his wife refused to sleep in the same bed with snoring any reason he always slept, "Rebecca told me.Finally, after 9 years of adventurous from one man to another man, Rebecca is determined to stop and he believes there are other jobs that can make money besides selling yourself.

Rebecca also made the experience as comfort women as primary capital to start a career as a marriage counselor.
Because, according to Rebecca about 60% of his clients are men who are already married or have a partner with a reason not to get sexual satisfaction at home.
"I just want to help people maintain their relationships. Of my knowledge comes from my experience. Approximately 60% of my clients are married and this certainly gives me experience and a different perspective on 'how to work and what is desired by men'.
For years I listened to the men talk about the causes of the failure of their relationship and why they ended up sleeping with other women.
Indeed, there are many reasons a man having an affair with another woman, but of course there is a reason that the most common reason, "Rebecca explained.Now, Rebecca has lived profession as a marriage consultant about 3 years. You should spend about Rp2.000.000, - / hour or Rp11.200.000, - / session if you want to consult with the author of the book Why Husbands Stray.
Rebecca said the sexual life are common factors that make men look for other women.
"In contrast to women who can separate love and sex, men are sexual beings. Most men who sleep with me saying that they still love their wives and lovers, they look for other women only to meet the needs that they can not get from their partner.
The majority of them feel unwanted and rejected when their partners refuse to have sex. So, when your partner does not complain when you are not having sex in a long time, it means you have to be careful, "a woman who claims to be inspired by the character Vivian in Pretty Woman explains.Nine years of sleeping with various men were taught to think as men Rebecca.
That's why Rebecca did not entirely blame the men who had an affair with another woman.
Rebecca said that generally the men say their grievances to the couple, but unfortunately they do not give couples a positive response. And that is the trigger of infidelity.
"What makes me love my job right now? Because I could have saved a lot of relationship infidelity. In fact, I can prevent the occurrence of infidelity, "said the former employee's travel agent. What do you think about the theory of infidelity in marriage expressed by Rebecca, Fimelova?
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Mahfud MD: Terrorists to be suppressed, but ..

BANDUNG - Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD insists terrorists must be crushed. But he asked the officers to be careful in taking action.

"I totally agree terrorists have quelled, but I expect officers to be careful, do not carelessly accuse someone as a terrorist," said Mahfud in Bandung, West Java, Saturday (11/05/2013).

Do not just because they want to show achievements in combating terrorism, the terrorists exterminated repressive manner without strong evidence. "Because sometimes it's the movement of ordinary aspirations, then rumored as terrorists. That's a dangerous thing," he explained


To determine a person's terrorist, the process should be more open. "A person is defined as a terrorist, when considered as a terrorist movement, the movement should not be confused with common aspirations," said Mahfud.

Touched why terrorism is still growing in Indonesia, he was unwilling to comment. "Do not know me. Matter I have not studied it," he said.

Meanwhile, when touched on whether crackdown on suspected terrorists lately in a hurry, he replied diplomatically. "I do not know the case of the latter. Anyway terrorism must be eradicated," said Mahfud.

"The terrorists are the most dangerous enemies of the state, and therefore terrorists have quelled my opinion," he said. (ris)
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Report: China Will Be World's Largest Economy by 2017

Hong Kong (ANTARA/Yonhap-0ANA) - China is likely to become the biggest economy in the world by 2017, overtaking the economic strength of the United States, says a report showed on Sunday.

Professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) said in a report that China's gross domestic product measured in purchasing power parity (PPP) basis will almost reach 20 billion U.S. dollars, exceeding the numbers in the U.S..

In 2030, the three largest economies in PPP will be listed China with 30.6 billion U.S. dollars, 23.4 trillion U.S. dollars, and India with 13.7 trillion dollars.

Currently Japan is at number three is projected to fall to fourth place with 5.8 trillion U.S. dollars.

China's growth rate is expected to meet the government's new target of seven percent for decades now, but it will decrease during the period 2012-2050 when the economy has matured, the company said.

The elderly population is growing rapidly and rising real labor costs are expected to see the transition of China from export-oriented economy to be more consumer-driven economy, he said.

However, China's growth is expected to remain at around three to four percent per year even in the 2040's, still above the levels projected for the U.S. and Europe.

PWC said that Western companies are likely to see changes in the way they do business in the region from time to time with the rising cost of operations that drives much of their production out of China to other cheaper economies such as Vietnam and Indonesia.

Chinese exporters will find themselves competing on the basis of quality rather than price in their main export markets in the U.S. and Europe, he added. (Rr)

 SBI Disestablished, Jokowi Glad
INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo agree with the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) dissolved Pioneering International School (RSBI / SBI) in Jakarta.The reason is, before there RSBI also the quality of education in Jakarta has also been good. 

"Removal RSBI? Agreed, expensive," said Jokowi in Blok M, Jakarta, Tuesday (08/01/2013).Then, if indeed to maintain the quality of education, Jokowi found better improvement to the human resources (HR) teachers. 

"Injected wrote HR teacher, then the existing facilities at the school are all prepared, well prepared library, her lab substantially all prepared," he explained.It is said by the former mayor of Solo, the new design as RSBI pay expensive is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. 

"If HR baseball ready, many teachers use RSBI Indonesian. Then what's so international? Means readiness is a program to be correct. 

Thus, the competence of teachers must be improved if there needs to be training again."Previously, the Court decided RSBI / SBI contrary to the 1945 Constitution and a liberalization of education. 

With this decision, RSBI / SBI current should be disbanded. According to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD, where RSBI / SBI is only for those who can afford.

Even if the poor can get a scholarship to study at the school, they must be very smart. Such a condition is contrary to the constitutional principle that the provision of education is a state responsibility. [JST]

Stories sex ritual at Mount cubeb to find riches

MERDEKA.COM, It's a common story, there is a kind of ritual seeking pesugihan Ngepet pork (the pig to turn into rich) and other people do in Mount cubeb, Sragen, Central Java. To get pesugihan, reportedly had sex with a partner is not valid.

Sordid ritual is mostly done by people who are looking for a short cut to become rich. In these mountains, hundreds of residents of various regions in Java, especially flock to Mount cubeb this. They aim to find a partner that pesugihan ritual (ritual search for wealth). How exactly this could be some kind of ritual procedure and a perverse kind of tradition?

Religious ritual is in Mount cubeb Pendem precisely located in the Village, District Resource Lawang, Sragen, 30 km north of Solo. To reach this area is not too difficult, from Solo to take the bus and get off at the majors Purwodadi Belawan, from there to the left of the road will find the gate that reads "Regional Tourism Mount cubeb", from the gate we can take a taxi or walk to the crossing by boat.

Mount cubeb identical as a sex tourist area because in this place people can consume free sex at will with reason to undergo the ritual pilgrimage behavior, that requirement if they want to be rich and successful.

In an unofficial rule that required that every pilgrim should visit the tomb of Prince Samudro 7 times which is usually performed on Friday Kliwon evenings and Friday Pon (Java Calender) or in the days and months diyakhini well, having sexual relations with someone other than his or her spouse . But if you want to bring your lover was not a problem.

Sex ritual at Mount cubeb was one considers only a local folk legend. Long ago told of a prince of the kingdom of Majapahit named Prince Samudro nobility came from the kingdom of Majapahit but there is also a call originating from the kingdom era Pajang.

According to the story, Prince Samudro fell in love with his own mother, Dewi Ontrowulan. Prince Samudro father who knows the mother-child relationship into a rage and then expel Prince Samudro.

After being expelled by his father is the Prince Samudro to travel and finally comes to Mount cubeb, not long after the mother followed her son to Mount cubeb longing for release.

Long story short, the mother and the child who was hit was off a yearning romance in a long long time no see. However, before he could pass the mother and son sex, local people caught them both and then merajamnya (Sentenced) in a gang until they died..

Both were subsequently buried in a grave on the mountain as well. According to other stories, breathed his last before Samudro Prince had left a message that is to anyone who can continue the relationships between husband and wife who had not done that all requests will be granted.

"I will give up, but listen to my vow. Who wants to imitate actions, that is to redeem my sins and I will help in any way". That the contents of the oath that was brought Prince Samudro before he died.

From the legend of Prince Samudro is the one ritual at Mount cubeb as the scene of an orgy to ask for wealth. If successful, both partners are not legally be husband and wife should meet again to do the congratulations and celebration at Mount cubeb it back.

If broken, the two couples who have been promised in the tomb of Prince Samudro, will become poor again. In fact, according to the myths and beliefs of their citizens or bead two couples doing nasty ritual that both will suffer harm.

True Story:
Ghost passengers Without Faces
Man and ghosts, living in nature is different, but there are times when these two creatures of God's creation can salaing meet real human life.
As experienced Winarno currently head of BPMPKB (Agency for Community Empowerment, Women and Family Planning) Blora district, had experienced immediately met with beings of another world that until now was not forgotten.
Winarno recall the incident in 1998, he was then the Head Tunjungan.
The story he was visiting a friend in Purwodadi district, with his official car steering itself.
"I carry a zebra and stir yourself, do not take it the driver, because it's none of duty," said Winarno.
He continued, after returning from Purwodadi, exactly TPK Brittle or in front of the checkpoint forestry, there are 3 people comprising Father, mother and her child, download stop my car to ride home.
"It was about 8 pm and bus or public transport is not there, then I stopped and three men were riding in the back," he explained.
When traveling to Blora, according Winarno occurs only mild conversation with the Father.
Once Kunduran town three were dropped off near the office asked TPK Kunduran, then he went on way home again.
But upon entering Ngawen he felt there was something strange in the car.
"As there is a noise in the back seat of the car, and I think there is stuff in the car that rub against each other, because of the way when it was broken," he said.
But how shocked Winarno, when the vehicle up in front of the TPK Banjarwaru Ngawen, called people that are in the car.
"Pak kulo mandap mriki (Pak me down here Indonesian-ed)," said the passenger in his car.

Winarno was thinking, 3 passengers already down why why there was one more.
Then he lay his official car and looked back, he immediately jerked, when he saw a middle-aged woman turns penumpangya faceless.
Spotanitas he immediately ran to the front of the stall kea direction Banjarwaru TPK is a chance that time many people had gathered.
By residents there then Winarno rescued and taken home to Tunjungan sub-district. (Agung)
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The philosophy Gembong Amijoyo Barongan and Regent Djoko Nugroho 
 It is said that an age before the district Blora stand, all the territory covered by forests.
    At that time the area is very dense forest all so very rare human being through and across the region.

    It is also claimed by anyone in the middle of this forest, will certainly menemuhi various obstacles. Both obstacles and distractions like the magical creatures or the other.

    There was a man who guarded the teak forests (Alas Wengker-Java language) is the largest in the world, who have extraordinary supernatural powers.

     Perseverance in meditation and closer to the Creator, made him a powerful person dijamanya. People were calling it an age as Gembong Amijoyo.

    In the jungle is their meditation he receives magical voice, which in essence that this forest (Blora yore-red) is a wealthy area. And he (Gembong Amijoyo-red) by the magical voice was ordered to guard the forest and its contents.

     After meditating Gembong Amijoyo no matter who has supernatural powers that can transform itself into a giant tiger (Singo Barong / Barongan-ed) it, to keep its promise to maintain the forest and its contents from any interference.

     It is also claimed that anyone would pass or take advantage of these forests may have to ask him. It is said that there is folklore is still growing in Blora, there is a herd of robbers are destroying the forest. They cut down forests illegally. for other dikerajaan sale.

      Because the area was in disrepair, the Gembong Amijoyo angry and took their fight. Those hundreds of people present, eventually the legs below the knees Gembong Amijoyo.

      Either have a few thousand people who have experienced such events, so that every man who would destroy the forest and its content, is bound to be afraid when they hear the name of the Gembong who have this incredible miracle.

      In that story as well since the Gembong Amijoyo maintained, people can feel the forest sidelines and enjoy the forest. So at that time was prosperous society virtually on the size dijamannya.

      Now this era of government regents Blora 27 to this (Djoko Nugroho-ed) it was time to maintain the natural wealth for the welfare of his people.

     Steps taken to support Blora district chairman of the parliament demanding higher for the oil to the center, is one more step forward. Step that virtually force the Gembong Amijoyo Barongan modern era. Which is to preserve the earth Blora, to the welfare of its people.

      Not only as a spectator only, while the contested crops Blora those centers. While we are living in Blora only be assigned to the residue.
Blora original author and has led three different regent for a journalist in Blora, well aware of the duties Regent Blora to 27 (Djoko Nigroho) This is the toughest.

      Free education to realize the high school level and Achieve Free service all types of health center services and Class III in the BRSD are two of the 12 Mission and Vision to be achieved within three years since he led.
      For that one solution is to increase revenue, ie, the demand for higher oil yields. Long live the Blora district to 261 and survivors served Mr KOKOK (calls Blora Regent Djoko Nugroho). Blora welfare of the people there are in your hands. (Authors: Drs Ec. Agung Budi Rustanto, Chief editor of tabloid INFOKU)